Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Toronto Zoo

Lee here...The zoo is one of my favorite places to the fall when its nice and cool, the leaves are changing color and its not as crowded. Here we are on a very hot, busy day! It was lots of fun...and very pricey! Here is Stef petting a stingray...they feel wet and soft and sort of squishy.

A nice way to cool off!

This tent was in the African part of the park...I really really really want one of these in my yard! Its basically a deck with a frame and some canvas...think yurt but square. I would move a futon out and have some lighting..a great hide out!

A baby gorilla was born last fall...lots of babies at the zoo this time:)

I am so drawn to gardens...

This is a hut overlooking the above garden...I really like the intertwined branches.

I'm really glad we got to spend the day together. Kate will be at school in the fall but Annie and I are planning a "not going back to school" field trip to the zoo.

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Zee said...

I loved the li'll garden at the Zoo. The gorillas and orangutans are my favourite.