Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Girls Have Arrived!

I've been meaning to post these pics for a while now, a month to be exact.  Time seems to escape me more these days!

We have settled in 8 Chantecler chickens, hoping one is a rooster.  The gals were picked up on father's day and brought to their new digs.  If all goes well in the fall we can bring another eight home.

DH, the kids and I have been renovating the old coup.  We used old skids to side the house, and make a front porch.  I've used more recycled wood inside and hope to use mostly recycled wood to make the stairs and a cute li'll flower box for their window.

DH picked up these nifty slider windows at the Habitat Re-Store! Lots of natural light now, I'll be adding a solar light later.

I haven't covered this side yet, because I'm thinking of adding a little addition, a rooster condo maybe?  I still need to extend their outdoor run.  If all goes well we will expand the coup next spring, and bring them up closer to the garden.


kathee said...

WOW! that is quite the chicken condo! It's beatiful, and I'm sure they will apppreciate the shade of that tree. We are hoping to do a reno on our coop in the fall so it will be ready by the spring. I miss having chickens!

Zee said...

Git to it kathee!!!! Did ya know there is now scientific proof that shows the chicken came before the egg?