Friday, July 16, 2010

Wool Felt

Lee here....not sure how to turn this photo:( I bought some beautiful wool felt this, since I can only find the acrylic stuff around here. This felt is so nice to work soft and doesn't make me cringe to touch it! Annie made a little cat and has since made 2 more. She is reading a series of books, "Warriors", and the main characters are cats. I want to look up some little felt sewing projects...maybe a gnome, some toadstools, little books etc. It's always been so tempting to use expensive craft supplies carefully...and then things end up not getting used at all. The kids were always careful not to be wasteful and I gave Annie the go ahead to, well, just go ahead and dig in. She is so creative!


kathee said...

I LOVE the kitty! real felt is SO much nicer than that acrylic stuff

Zee said...

Real felt is the way to go! I can't handle the fake stuff very well either. What a great project! Way ta go Annie!