Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey Kathee and Lee!!

Khai wanted me to show you gals the garden!  These were taken a few weeks ago so things are much larger and taking over any available space.

Hosta, Rhubarb, and a grape vine!

Lillies surrounding the bird bath.

Khai holding my Mother's Day Gnome, he thought he would be smart and have the wee fella pointing at him, the source of his

Did I ever say I really like raised beds!!!!

These beds are full now, I've been negligent in my trellising of the beans :(

Khai, being Khai :)

Thanks to Sue and Jeff my garden paths are covered in glorious straw.  You should see the picture of Jeff in the EMC "Local farmer goes to jail for Prison Farms at the G20 summit"
That would be Jeff being tackled by 3 police officers.


Perennials Lee gave me that still need to be rooted in soil.

Ok all done now, I could post like a bazillion more, still have eggplant, tomatoes, OKRA and kale.. cucumbers and so much more!!!  OH yeah and the funky composter :)

Follow the yellow brick la la


kathee said...

Hey Zee! SO glad to see you on the blog! Your gardens look amazing! Like Lisa's, I do love your raised beds. I miss Khai...and all your gang...let's plan a get together...

Lee said...

Your gardens are so beautiful and tidy!!! The chicken coop looks great!!