Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Canada Day..yup a little late:)

Lee here...we went to the Peterborough zoo on Canada Day. Here we are riding the famous Peterbough express...The zoo is so great for little kids...fabulous playgrounds, a water splash park and the train..and a few animals too! I brought the kids here all the time when they were little...we would bring a picnic and just hang out. Pictures are out of order...opps! Chris and Annie went fishing in a few different spots..always exciting to get a catch, no matter the size!
Popular photo op in front of the camel can see how well worn he is!

Back to the train...leaving the station with seats at the very back.

This is what I like to do while Chris and Annie fish:)

A gentleman was kind enough to offer to take our photo:)

We spent a couple of hours at the zoo and went fishing and ended the day in Cobourg at the fire was a great day!

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