Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keep on keepin' on

Lee here...I have not been the most cheery person lately and many times, Kate or Annie have done something, made something or taken a photo of something "blog worthy" and wondered if I was going to make a post here. I explain that I'm just not in the mood right now and sometimes don't feel "authentic" if I only post positive thoughts and ideas. I don't need to share what is going on in my life. Its not like I post when I am in a foul mood (ok, right now I am) so is that really presenting who I am? The past couple of days however, having passed up a few good blog opportunities, I've considered that this blog isn't just about me..but a way of highlighting the good, fun and productive things we do...a scrapbook of sorts. It is a way to share accomplishments, reflect on what we have done and plan what we want to do. I love being about to show Zee and Kathee a yummy meal I have made or all the weeds I've pulled from the garden and something silly the dog did. It's a way for the kids to look back and see some pretty neat things they have done. So, I think I will keep blogging for now:)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Reverb

Lee here...One Reverb, the band that Stef's boyfriend created and she sings in, played at the Zwicks Island Bandshell. This was a very small "mosh pit" that was quite frightening and Annie and I backed away...we did not want to be involved in that nonsense!! You can see Kate smiling in the background but also standing out of the way! Rob...a great guitarist and a fabulous singer too.

Stefanie...I never tire of her singing! I like the band but I really enjoyed when Stef would play the guitar and sing by herself...

I miss having Stef in the house...She was always singing and playing guitar. She'd teach herself a new song in an hour or two. I didn't realize how much an influence Stef was on Kate with singing and guitar...Kate doesn't do it very much anymore. Learning to play guitar was high on my list of 'to-do's" at one point...its not as high now but its still on the list!

Bear the Tinker

Lee here :) Zee arranged a visit to Andrea Cumpson's farm where Bear the Tinker was visiting. He travels and lives in a caravan pulled by his horse Callum. He is a musician, singer, storyteller and folklorist. It was an incredible day and especially nice when he was just standing around chatting about things. You could talk with him for hours and be entertained the entire time.
Sitting in the shade on a really hot day!
Bear coundn't find his guitar pick so Thuy lent him one. It was a Tinkerbell pick....Bear is a Tinker and told stories of Faeries...I thought that was hilarious! I wonder if she got it back.... I like to think of him keeping it and using it when he plays his guitar next time. The songs he sang all told stories...accompanied by instruments like the fiddle, a celtic drum called the bodhran, a bag pipe I had never seen before since you don't blow into it, and whistles. It was a great afternoon!