Sunday, September 19, 2010

Keep on keepin' on

Lee here...I have not been the most cheery person lately and many times, Kate or Annie have done something, made something or taken a photo of something "blog worthy" and wondered if I was going to make a post here. I explain that I'm just not in the mood right now and sometimes don't feel "authentic" if I only post positive thoughts and ideas. I don't need to share what is going on in my life. Its not like I post when I am in a foul mood (ok, right now I am) so is that really presenting who I am? The past couple of days however, having passed up a few good blog opportunities, I've considered that this blog isn't just about me..but a way of highlighting the good, fun and productive things we do...a scrapbook of sorts. It is a way to share accomplishments, reflect on what we have done and plan what we want to do. I love being about to show Zee and Kathee a yummy meal I have made or all the weeds I've pulled from the garden and something silly the dog did. It's a way for the kids to look back and see some pretty neat things they have done. So, I think I will keep blogging for now:)

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kathee said...

Hey you! I am glad you are "keepin on"...I love to read about your plans, see your photos and hear about your adventures. We all have days (or in my case lately, months..) that we think "what the he** is the point of all this...the doubts and worries that we have done/are doing the 'right' thing...but that's why it's important to "keep on" we can be there for each other..xoxox!