Wednesday, February 25, 2009

See you in March

Lee (hibernating) in the house...If I could sleep through the last few days of February, that would suit me fine. I usually have a pretty heavy duty winter funk and this year Ive done pretty well with eating better and getting some fresh air and exercise (need more of all 3 tho). But for the past week or so, I can feel the dread of winter...wanting it to be March 1st so bad! I know March has lots of nasty weather as well but it does feel like the home stretch till spring. I know its all psychological and that every day and month is as good as the is what you make it, etc.....but today I feel like I have a cinderblock of dread of my shoulders. I will have to fight it off. I am bringing in wood from outside which is my fresh air and some exercise...I will walk the dog for more of both...I will do my yoga tape for sanity and stretching... I will eat fresh fruits and veggies..I will play music and enjoy the sunshine. At least I am aware of this problem I have and not in too deep to dig myself out. 3 days to go!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Scottish Mum

February is bitter sweet for me, I'm celebrating the birth of my first born child who will be twenty in a few days, February 9th is just around the corner, its been 23 years since my mum passed away. You'd think the separation of a few decades would soften the blow, but you know it feels pretty intense.. still after all these years. There have been so many milestones in my life where I think of my mum and feel sad knowing we didn't get a chance to experience them together, the good and the bad. Life is... I try to not project too many what ifs as I do believe it is crucial to live today, knowing that the time I did have with my Scottish mum built the foundation of my life. Its difficult someday to remember not to be sad, February is always the most challenging. I get through it, we light incense a candle.... pick up some carnations or daffodils and set them by her picture. I look into her eyes and feel such gratitude well up inside me for all that she was able to give me. I thank her for the wisdom, her spontaneity, her loving and nurturing ways that have inspired me to become the mum I want to be.... most of all I thank her for Dad. So you big kids out there who have a mum near by that you can hug and give flowers to, give her some daffodils and let her know what a gift she is.

zee aka Gracie

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quiet time!

Lee here...After last week with too much to do, this week we dont have alot and I am so thankful for it! Its nice to just go outside, maybe pop into the library, do a craft, make a pot of soup.......I know this time of year we usually get cabin fever but we have been out so much that I really appreciate this! We are planning a little trip to a water park in Niagara Falls for maybe the end of next week. We went last year when we were all so desperate to be out of the house and the girls were craving wearing bathing suits and having fun in the water. Its a little more money this year sadly, but we are trying to swing it...not without pain tho. We havent done a big thing as a family in a while and I cant even remember the last time we stayed in a hotel. Its a great break in the winter.