Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quiet time!

Lee here...After last week with too much to do, this week we dont have alot and I am so thankful for it! Its nice to just go outside, maybe pop into the library, do a craft, make a pot of soup.......I know this time of year we usually get cabin fever but we have been out so much that I really appreciate this! We are planning a little trip to a water park in Niagara Falls for maybe the end of next week. We went last year when we were all so desperate to be out of the house and the girls were craving wearing bathing suits and having fun in the water. Its a little more money this year sadly, but we are trying to swing it...not without pain tho. We havent done a big thing as a family in a while and I cant even remember the last time we stayed in a hotel. Its a great break in the winter.

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