Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Happenings

Lee here:) Annie and I have gone on a few group hikes with a naturalist. This one took us to Ferris Park and the Rainey Suspension Bridge. Its over the Trent River and of all the times I've walked across, I've never felt it sway like it did this time! Must have been because there were quite a few people on it and it was a windy day! I really enjoy hiking and it was fun to go with someone who knows what he was talking about. Annie didn't like it as much and prefers to not be with a group of strangers.

...some of Annie's art work. She made dozens of characters like this and a theatre with seats and a stage. I'm not sure how they should be displayed so they don't get wrecked over time...maybe a shadow box to display a few of them?
Today, Kate and Annie and I went to a store down the road from us that had an open house. They had a free bar-b-que (for Kate the carnivore), a free family photo, apple cider, and a corn maze. We bought some cheese curds and some maple syrup candies.
It was such a beautiful day today!

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