Sunday, October 24, 2010

The weekend

I had such a busy weekend driving 2 girls around..waiting for hours and hours in town, that I am amazed that I got a couple of jobs done at home and pleasantly surprised that we got to have fun as well! Annie raked leaves to jump in..and will eventually make it into my compost...the leaves, not Annie.

Found a stick bug to well as a giant grasshopper that took off before I could take a photo.
Annie helped me plant a bed of garlic. We also planted 2 heads of "music" garlic to try something different.

Working on jack-o-lanterns... Annie still insists that we buy 3 pumpkins. Its one of those traditions that is difficult to let go of. top of the weekend (that felt way more rushed and busy than fun)....Kate, Annie and I went out for favorite meal out!


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