Friday, October 15, 2010

The Staff Room

Lee here...Kate has a role in the play "The Staff Room" playing at the community theatre. She is one of 4 teens amongst a dozen or so adults. This is the first play she has been in that isn't marketed towards children. She has had many long rehearsals and on show nites, we don't get home until almost midnite and then she needs to get up for school at 5:30 the next day. I know it is way worth it but I think she will be happy to get more sleep soon. 1 show down, 12 to go! I really enjoy the character she plays and I am truly amazed that she can get onstage in front of so many people! I could not do it!
Here she is with the producer, Bill Petch, who had many nice great things to say about Kate:) (proud mommy moment!)
Kate and her cohort. They both enjoyed saying Lying Bastards.

The actor's photos displayed in the greenroom.

I know Kate is going to miss her new friends!

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kathee said...

Kate looks like a pro!! I wish we were closer and could pop down for one of the shows. Congratulations Kate!