Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Reverb

Lee here...One Reverb, the band that Stef's boyfriend created and she sings in, played at the Zwicks Island Bandshell. This was a very small "mosh pit" that was quite frightening and Annie and I backed away...we did not want to be involved in that nonsense!! You can see Kate smiling in the background but also standing out of the way! Rob...a great guitarist and a fabulous singer too.

Stefanie...I never tire of her singing! I like the band but I really enjoyed when Stef would play the guitar and sing by herself...

I miss having Stef in the house...She was always singing and playing guitar. She'd teach herself a new song in an hour or two. I didn't realize how much an influence Stef was on Kate with singing and guitar...Kate doesn't do it very much anymore. Learning to play guitar was high on my list of 'to-do's" at one point...its not as high now but its still on the list!


Laura's Rose Garden said...

Hi Lee!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking on Dee's new store. She really has done a fabulous job. I love the store......I asked her if I could "move in"!!!
I may be going back this afternoon to do more shopping!!!
Warm hugs, Laura

Lee said...

Yeah I plan on stopping by lots:)