Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer time:)

Lee's pool season! We are so blessed to have such wonderful neighbours that let us use their pool, sometimes twice daily! We have known them for about 4 years...I just call them up and they say come on over. It takes about 3 or 4 minutes by car or a longish walk over big hills. I really enjoy chatting with Shirley..she is the most popular 79 year old I know! We met Shirley and her husband Bill through another friend/neighbour and I wish I had of met them years ago! It is a beautiful pool...its inground and about 9 feet deep at the deep end and it's huge...and the best part is that it is in a greenhouse type buidling so we can swim in the rain and the swim season is extended a bit because it seems to stay warm longer. We help out a bit by vacuuming around the pool and tidying up the tables etc that they use for entertaining. I also try to do little things for them as well since we are so appreciative.
Stef is in the photo since she was visiting for a couple of days..I think she is really going to miss the pool this year.
Kate got new glasses the other day...they are "nerd" glasses apparently and are very cute.


Jen said...

That pool sounds pretty heavenly! Especially on rainy days!

Tell Kate her glasses look AWESOME. They are very chic!

I started a NEW blog, which I'm hoping to update frequently! And it's all thanks to you, Lisa, after you mentioned it at Mom's plant swap!


Lee said...

I can't wait to see your blog!! Send me a link please:)

Jen said...