Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lee here:) This photo was taken at the Relay for Life in was fun as usual! A great time for us to hang out together.
Katy made me eggplant parmesan...oh my goodness!! I had a small portion but the next day (after weigh in) I had more!
Zee came for a visit and I made this for us for much healthier than the above food!! Its a black bean, tomato, red onion, lime and cilantro salsa/salad...I forgot to add the hot and red peppers!! I picked some young romaine lettuce leaves from the garden for us to make little wraps.

Me and Zee...we've been friends since grade 10!

It was so great to have Zee and kids come for a visit! Too bad it wasn't longer!

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Zee said...

wooo hoo that was a fun time.. good time lee! hey Kathee when do you want to take a road trip up ta Lee's?