Thursday, December 25, 2008

Zee's 2009 Resolution ~ Creative energy to harness and use wisely

This New Year, not unlike all New Years of the past, seems to evoke a sense of renewal even though I try not to let time be the muse that inspires.  Almost like that diet that begins Monday morning, instead of the moment it came to be.  As much as I try I can't escape the desire to make a resolution or two.  I've been fighting this want to make things.  I keep thinking I'd love to explore new mediums, and then I remind myself I don't need to make stuff, but I do need to make the stuff I already have more desirable and useful.  My New Years resolution is to do just that.  Old sheets and blankets will become new blankets and throw rugs.  Old towels and the like will become reusable bum fluff for those who are so inclined.  I'm putting my effort, time and resources into making our living space more creative giving me lots of opportunities to paint and draw to my hearts content.  I'm good with knitting only useful items using appropriate materials.  I feel this surge of creativity that needs to be let loose and dang it, I've found a way to go to town.  I think tiling my counter top has awakened a sense of urgency for ART... I'm still going to get myself into a pottery class, but only to make some useful things for my kitchen.  Glass blowing is on hold as are a few other things I believed to be a must do.  This New Year is inspiring me to plot a productive and creative garden space that will offer me more opportunities to recycle and create garden art.  I'm planning indoor space dedicated to year round gardening, using this plan to burn up some of that creative energy that seems to come it waves.  I'm excited about designing a home for herbs and small hearty veggies that will tolerate indoor cultivation.

This New Year brings change, hope and life... leaving behind the shadow of 2008, with all its good and difficult times, a reminder of today's potential and tomorrow’s possibilities.   With a fond farewell to 2008 I'm truly excited to begin 2009.


Happy New Year!

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