Thursday, December 25, 2008

Summer Arrival

Life Happens, 

Once again I am blessed with this awesome gift of Life.  It’s a wonderful and timely surprise. Three years ago I gave birth to my tenth child during an extremely stressful and sad time of my life.  Almost loosing my daughter to cancer had me experiencing a roller coaster of emotions that often had me over analyzing the connection between my unborn child's arrival into this world and the possibility of loosing my daughter at any moment.  The joy he brought our entire family, especially my daughter who fought to hang on was a powerful gift, something positive and joyful to hold onto when times were so difficult.   

Just a few weeks ago, after discovering this baby’s presence, I realized that this little one has planned his or her arrival during another rough patch in our lives, no doubt another positive force that will help us weather the storm.  Not everyone can understand or appreciate the desire to have a large family, and honestly its not about wanting a large family, its about the desire to nurture and parent, the uncanny feeling that your not done yet... not unlike the strong feeling parents get when they say they know they are done and ready to move onto the next stage of life.  I've fostered, adopted and cared for children consistently for decades now, believing this would ease that longing to nurture and mother a child, but alas, it only has reinforced my desire to do so until I'm the ripe old age of ninety-two.  

I’m hopeful things will progress easily and remain positive, Life is Good!

 "Everything has a cause, and each birth is part of an ongoing continuity in the cycle of experience through eons" 

~ Tibetan Art of Parenting

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Lee said...

Hugs! I cant wait to see another Tran! Lovely posts by the and Kathy are such great writers!!