Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a lovely Christmas day post Zee!

Lee here...hard to top that one! No exciting news here!
I have the majority of the day to myself. Dh took the girls out to run some errands and go shopping. Its been a productive day...lots of tidying up since the house looked like it threw up Christmas, the dishes are done and now I am hanging out online..alll by myself since Kathee is at a wedding today and Zee is putting in a sink:)
This is a piece of art that I have in my house that I was made by my LLL leader, artist friend Peggy.
There's Zee...pregnant and ready to dance! Im the fat lady there for her support!

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Happy All The Time said...

Too funny lee. I love this piece of art work! I hope Kathee had a great time, what a wonderful time of year to get married, except i would hope for more snow and less rain and slush.