Monday, December 22, 2008


Lee on board..I made some cookies that my mom made when I was a child. Its a different recipe but must be pretty close since they taste how I remember. They are candy caned shaped where you take half the dough and color it red and add some peppermint oil. I remember them being very plain but when you're a kid, call it a cookie and its good enough. Altho they are cute, they were a bit too boring and tasteless for my liking..I wont make them again. I dont want to make or eat something that is just ok. The peppermint patties on the other hand are FABULOUS! They are so easy to make and you just cant go wrong giving these beauties as gifts or to contribute to desert.
This gingerbread house was made by my husband and Kate and Annie last night. It turned out really well:) You cant see the rock garden at the back. This is more about creativity and a treat.....other than the candies and hardened icing, the rest goes to waste. Someone might naw on some gingerbread, but these store bought kits are generally too hard to eat!!

I really feel certain that we are done baking and craft making for the year. I think Kate wanted to make some more ginger cookies but she can run that show herself.

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