Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas buzzzz

Yes folks, you saw it here first...STEFANIE IS BAKING...she looks a little buzzed like she may have been eating the sugar!

Lee here again! Annie is so excited over Christmas I had to send her away for a few days to play with seriously, thats alot of holiday energy to be around. I like that the girls are excited but I must say it is difficult for me to be out in the crowds trying to finish up shopping. It just all feels like greed and now on the news they are saying so many people are backing out of their loans, mortgages etc yet here we are, bombarded with what feels like the main Christmas message of "buy more presents". We have never been over the top and most folks we surround ourselves with arent, next year, I really need to be finished shopping by Dec 1 so I can enjoy the parts of the holidays that I love....Christmas music, being with friends and family and doing crafts, decorating, baking and remembering why we celebrate Christmas. Here it is Dec 12 already..our tree is up and I will post a pic when I change the batteries in the camera:)

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