Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Christmas branch

with our new windows in the background:) We found the tree the other day in a neihbours woods.. I dragged it home on a beautiful snowy but not too cold day. We brought out the container of decorations and the girls went to work. Our decorations are everything from my parents first ornament, special bobbles from my inlaws, a syrofoam ball adorned with sequens and pins that Chris made when he was 5, to many homemade things the girls have made over the years. Its always a trip down memory lane opening up that box. We dont have room to hang up all the ornaments either...they try to cram on as many as possible but at some point, someone says.."thats enough".
I really miss my grandparents this time of year because it is with them that I have one of my favorite memories. When Chris and I were dating and then first married and before we had children that needed to get home to bed, we would all go to my grandparents Christmas day. The best part of the day came at night time when the other family members (party poopers) would leave, Nan would always whisper to me "you and Chris are staying right?" and we would. We would stay up late, have some wine and snacks and chat. Lee

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