Thursday, November 20, 2008

volunteer work

Lee here...This is a picture of Kate and Annie helping out at the book sale fundraiser for the Alzheimer society. I have always done volunteer work and think its important that kids do the same..That sence of community and helping out reminds us that we are all in this together and that we need to look after each other...we are our brothers keeper. Stefanie had her first volunteer job when she was 7 years old and helped out at a learning/drop in centre that we always went to. She had to report to the director once a week...if she couldnt come, she was expected to call Ginny the director...she had a list waiting for her of things she had to sharpen pencil crayons, water plants, help unpack craft supplies and then got these things checked off when she completed them. At the end of the year, she got a thankyou letter and a refrigerator magnet that says "volunteers take the time to lend a helping hand" that she still has. I think any little volunteer job is valuable and I hope that my children grow up feeling that is part of their responsibility to help others in whatever way they can.

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