Friday, November 14, 2008

Our day

Lee on board.....Today was one of those really great days that you wish you could just stretch out to last. It was so quiet and calm..the house was already tidy so there were no big chores to do. Its friday so it has that whole TGIF element..Annie and I went to the library and hung out..talked to the librarian..checked out some books, magazines and movies and partook in the highspeed available there. The weather was perfect, mild with that smell of decomposing leaves. We got out some embroidery to work on. Made pizza dough to make panzerotties for supper. It was such a melow day..Stef was at work so she missed out on it but I know she enjoys being away sometimes. I will finish my book club book tonight. So glad Ive been able to be home with my kids! Its all good!

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