Thursday, November 20, 2008

New windows

Lee in the house...I dont quite feel in the Christmas mood yet because we have some construction going on at our house and everything is in disarray....I get more into it come Dec 1st when they start playing Christmas carols on the satelite dish..and we bring out our seasonal CD's. Kate is in a Christmas Ornament 4H club at the moment too...bringing home all kinds of awesome ideas.
The guy doing our windows is so great..our neihbour told us about him and we have had him do a few little jobs for us and now the windows...he is so funny, polite, punctual and tidy and thorough. The windows are such an improvement over the single paned ones we had that let in all the cold air! No more ice on the inside of our house!! No more putting up plastic every fall! It really makes me feel good seeing some progress in this old house!

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