Friday, November 28, 2008

So I have been working on some Christmas presents. I made a couple of Garlands with dried fruit, nuts, cinnamon sticks etc. I will have to take a picture of one when it's finished and post it. I also made a couple more wooden snowpeople for my's a photo of the two I made for her and the ones we made last year (the "cool" looking dude was the one manly-son made...)

Here's my collection of 'gift wrap' so far. I've got tablecloths,
curtains and just some scrap fabric pieces.
Now I have to figure out the sizes of the gift bags
I will need and I can start sewing them up.
And I wanted to show you this cute little tablecloth I found
last year. I wanted something to make a new tree skirt and this was perfect. It is a round tablecloth. It already has a finished edge, so all it requires is a hole cut out of the middle and a slit up to the center hole. I LOVE the cute little elves and I think it will be so sweet under the tree!

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Lee said...

Those are all so cool Kath! I really like the table cloth for under the tree....its sweet.