Monday, September 1, 2008

Remembering Ethel

We lost Ethel last week; death has made its final visit to the hen house. There are no more chickens calling out in the morning as they lay their eggs. Ethel was a survivor; she brought hope for my RADical child, an opportunity to practice compassion and empathy, if only on a small scale. There is a part of me that feels guilt in making her a coerced volunteer in my attempt to see my RADical child experience love, if nothing more than a fleeting fancy, Ethel provided a reason to nurture. Although she is gone, she will never be forgotten. Our last chicken, her legacy of "wonderment" will live on in Tinh Ly's heart and my memories when I recall his little voice asking if he can go and see the "Titiken.. Essel" beaming ear to ear as he watched her peck at my perennials and avoid Tundra, who was always ready to lunge. What sweet memories I will have of the "Last Girl Standing". I will put the old coup to rest, and rebuild a new one for next year, of course there will be a Lucy, in memory of Ethel.

Despite our loss Life is Good on the IDA Hill homestead.
Namastee Ethel!

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