Wednesday, September 3, 2008

K.. Lee and Kathee...

Here's another branch of Our Eclectic Reality... ROGUE knitters Unite! (thanks to Lee's creative sense of humour) Spin on over when you can and keep the Upper Canada spirit alive.

Rogue Knitters, Spinners & Weavers, practice and hone their craft without formal training or feeling the need to seek out only skilled artisans as mentors. They prefer the company of wise, and not so wise folks who are passionate about fibres. Rogue knitters are rascals who scrounge for their supplies, preferring to trade and barter in order to build up their stash. They are crafty scoundrels who obsess over the things they make, plan to make and continually boast “they could make” if they so choose. Don’t forget their distaste for fusty patterns and knitting terminology!


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