Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inspiring Upper Canada Village pics!

There is so much to see and take in at UCV, and all of it is so inspiring. I think we kept saying things like, "It's such a simple idea, but so useful and so beautiful." The gardens are usually my most favourite part, coming away with some ideas to try in my own gardens. But this year, I found myself more inspired to get into the 'craft' side of things. I LOVED chatting with the woman in the McDiarmid House. She had so much to share, and not just about the spinning, which she was working on, but all the day-to-day activites and their whole thinking on how their lives were centered on 'getting ready for winter'. It really gave me a sense of what they thought about...For me, I am inspired to get back into spinning, especially now that I have bought some beautiful wool rovings! and to FINALLY learn how to knit those socks (with my mum's coaching!) Here are some pics. to inspire you too...a lovely way to slip into Autumn.

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