Monday, September 22, 2008

First funeral

Lee here...

I went to my first funeral the other day. (when my grandparents died, we had a small family and close friends memorial at their house so I had never been to a funeral home before)

The man who died was 49 years old, 2 kids and a wife that I worked with and was close to. I havent seen her in so long. What horrifying news. Life just...ends. The funeral was actually OK but really sad thinking of his life being over. I feel so sad for my friend and her family, now just living without him.

I tried to see my friend a couple of times that week but kept missing her so I only saw her at the funeral..all the way there I kept wondering what I would say..I suddenly felt selfish..I wasnt really thinking of her and her husband..I was just worried about me. So I started to focus on them..on her husband..sending my thoughts and blessings, telling him to rest in peace and that his family will be ok. And for his wife..hoping she takes the time she needs to start healing from this and that she has many siblings and in laws who love her and are there for her..friends too. Two of his sisters of which I also worked with. Their words were so sweet. They spoke of how close their family is and how much they love him and that he never said unkind words about anyone. How, as a mechanic, he would have to tell people what was wrong with their vehicles and he would feel terrible because of how much money it would cost. How him and his wife and kids were always together. Other people spoke and told stories....lots of laughter and tears. It was standing room only. After the funeral they had a reception. I waited as she had many people talking to her, wanting to give their condolences. It was then my turn....we just hugged and cried.

I had Kate and Annie with me. Stef was at work. I think it was a positive experience for them altho they dont know them...Stef remembers going to her house and seeing her flower beds. I think it was good for them to hear the outpouring of love by his family and friends.

My friends husband made this statue that I have in my heart shaped garden. It's difficult to see but it's a bird made of old garden tools.

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