Sunday, September 7, 2008

I know those hands!

Lee in the house:)
Oh those hands of your mom's! What a great photo Kathee! I should run out right now and take a photo of my mom knitting, my dad doing some craft...what a keepsake..I missed the opportunity to do that with my nan. That would be such a great gift for your mom to be able to pass down the pattern and have you memorize it and be able to make those awesome socks with your eyes closed!!
Upper Canada Village was so great..I really feel like I need way more time there but on a cooler day...The gardens are so inspiring!! I love the way they are set up..mostly raised beds..I wonder if they really did that method in the 19th century? The shoemaker, baker, spinners and weavers, blacksmiths, all these lost arts that we should totally be learning and holding onto and using. To be able to go back to a simpler time (ok with maybe a few modern conveniences like running water!) would be so great..modern tech is fine and all but there are so many simple, practical, inexpensive, brilliant ideas there! For example...having windows on either side of the house for a cross breeze...but instead, we close up all our windows and turn on an air conditioner wasting valuable energy? Silly! Why have we thrown those away and now just go to visit that world, as if time travelling, once a year? Maybe Kathee could post some pics for us since I didn't bring my camera and Grace didn't have batteries in hers. This trip is always such a great reminder of living simply.

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