Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rain, rain... go away..come again another day

It's me, Lee and I'm just kidding..I actually really enjoy the rain and we have had more than our fair share this summer..usually its dangerously dry but not this year! I like being outside in a gentle rain (if I can come back inside and dry off)...this morning's rain is coming in harsh horizontal sheets though so I think I will stay inside for now. We are going to our big annual home learners campout this weekend..we are all busy finding our camp stuff since we haven't camped this year. I am hoping it doesn't rain the entire time...I dont like being wet for 3 days but that wont stop any of us from having a good time!
Yesterday I was in the garden trimming my tomato plants..not something I would typically do but they are a big mess since I left them unstaked and they are crawling on the ground like a tangle of fairytale like vines. I am sharing the tomatoes again this year with large tomato hornworms..ewwww...they are large and loud..I can hear them munching!! I've read that they dont eat the tomatoes but I've seen a few latched onto the fruit, not just the leaves. There are lots to share though:)

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