Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ok more food pics....Pad Thai

Lee here...
I'm not sure why this pic is blurry but it was the yummiest pad thai ever!! Fresh (very in right outside my door!!) garden tomatoes and cilantro. I really need to learn to photoshop pics and then still be able to find them to post them since I am very new at this and am so impressed I can even get a photo here!! About the pad thai, Zee led me in the right direction..Ive made it a few times but this was the best. The squeeze of lime was like the icing on the cake! I packed some for dh for lunch tomorow too.

I'm off to watch So You Think You Can Dance....I am always so sad when folks get kicked off..they are all so favorites are always the contemporary routines especially by Mia Michaels!!

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zee said...

Ahh so yummy! I'm trying to imagine a Raw version of Pad Thai, suppose daicon raddish could be peeled into thin strips and become the noodle base? Gotta love the Lime!

Good Cheffin' Lee