Friday, January 21, 2011

Still knitting here....

My pictures are lost.... I'll post one of the finished had when its done, I wanted to show you the before picture because it  looked like a hat covered in cow utters... no seriously!

I'm waiting for this hat to finish up in the wash.  I'm hopeful it will turn out the way I imagine it might.  Of course I could be way off base and this could be a real disaster, but that's the fun part.  Someone will wear it right?   It's a little on the bright side, but it reminds me of the red angora sweater I had when I was 18.

I was telling Thuy the other day I remember when my Baba passed away I flew out from Toronto to Ottawa to meet my family for her funeral.  I thought upon arriving I would be able to change clothes before heading to the funeral home, not the way it went....  I was wearing my new gear for my mom because I knew she would enjoy the secret messages in the clothing and I wanted to cheer her up a bit by putting myself way out there.

I had a bright red angora sweater, the same colour as this hat.  I was sporting a pair of wool, red plaid clamdiggers and bright red socks to match my top... oh did I mention the red beret?  My Scottish mum met my amazing get up with laughter and horror once she realized it was the outfit I would be wearing to the funeral home.  Although I felt extremely self conscious  obviously out of place, I  held my head high and said a proper goodbye to my Baba. 

Oh the secret... as a little girl I was not allowed to wear red, only green.  I remember always wanting red everything, especially shoes.  Red was banned from  my wardrobe because it was not proper for red heads and would clash in the worst way.  I was living on my own and could wear what I wanted, and red it was going to be!  Also the plaid pants were to inject a wee bit my Scottish heritage :) m Wish I had a picture to show you, I was quite the sight!  Blinding sight...

I always think of my Baba when I see this particular colour of red, knitting this hat brought back so many fond memories.

Life is Good!


Lee said...

What a great hat and I love that story too:) kate and I think your guys should dress up as gnomes for halloween....hi ho hi ho..its trick or treating we go!!

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh, I love this hat!

Baby By The Sea said...

Check out that hat! So totally rad.