Sunday, March 6, 2011

Look at the date!

Its been a while hasn't it! We are using a lap top as our computer at the moment and I need to figure out how to get my photos over here.
Well, I am really excited that it's march finally. February was difficult for me for some year I need more of a plan. I had anticipated January being difficult because I really enjoy the Christmas holidays, but that month was fine. I should plan something really fun for Feb next year! No wonder folks go on vacation!
I have been taking pottery class and am very excited for wednesday evenings. I have a really laid back instructor which is what I need. I have made a few little bowls and will take photos of them when I can. My plan is to have a little stash of things I have made, for myself and for Christmas presents. Who wouldn't love a little hand made bowl!
I just read the book "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" about Aron Ralston. He was trapped in a cavern for 6 days without food and water and freed himself by cutting off his hand. Pretty amazing. I am really going to try to see the movie based on the book...."127 Hours". Its not playing around here anymore and I don't think it ever did, but it's still in Toronto...maybe Chris would like a little road trip!
Its a quiet sunday afternoon and I am happy to be hanging out at home. I plan on posting more soon:)

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