Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's Official!  The Girls are a layin'

Well today was the lucky day, 11th of January ~ more action in the hen house.  I though they might hold off until spring, but the -12 weather brought these on.  I wonder what's it's like for a chicken to lay her first egg?  What must have come over them.... Bob!  Terry! (our roosters) Something's going on down below, my lady parts are about to explode!  I'm sure Bob and Terry grimaced at the thought and just stood back.  I'm sure the coop dynamics will change as the rest start laying.  Life is Good

Chantecler Chicken



Lee said...

How coool!! Zee is a crafting machine! I love all the pics!!

Lee said...

Eggs!!!! Happy day!!! Way to go girls!!