Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year!

Lee here:) I feel that we haven't quite got back into the swing of things since the holidays...I am still watching too much "food network" since we got more channels for the kids over the holidays....I haven't called to cancel them yet. Annie hasn't started back with homelearning..we are still playing games and playing with lego. Maybe after this weekend.

This box is a cool .49 cent find from the Sally Ann when I was out with Zee. It is made from some sort of mache..similar to an april cornell box I used to have. I love the color and pattern..the inside is black.
I made gift tags with the Christmas cards from last year...for next Christmas.
Annie and I have been going to the she hopped on the treadmill for a photo op...she had already finished on the eliptical. Its a small gym but we go and crank the tunes, work up a sweat and have fun!

Thats all for now:)


Zee said...

Love the photos! Glad to hear the gym is soo much fun, I can't wait until ours is quieter :)

Lee said...

The gym is moving a couple of doors from where it is now..I hope its as nice!