Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Road Trip!!!!!

This was so fun! My sister and I headed to Toronto to see "My Mothers Lesbian, Jewish, Wiccan Wedding" at the Panasonic Theatre. It was great to be in the car, just us....something we don't get to do often. We had a leisurely dinner at "Spring Rolls" and then went to the show a few doors down. This show was so fantastic! I am a really big fan of this musical and would love to see it again! It was funny, sad, so witty, and felt so sincere. It is based on a true story and the man who wrote the story is the narrator (and himself) in the show. They started out at the Fringe Festival and then got spotted by Mirvish Productions and moved up to the Panasonic. I really hope they can take it even further. The actors were all incredible...especially the main actor playing his mom, from Ikea commercial fame..."start the car..start the car!".


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