Friday, March 19, 2010

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon!

Lee here.......This play ran for 5 shows during march break..the last show being today. Kate was so happy to get into this play. Its such a great opportunity for her to do what she loves. She really liked her costume and her role as "The Enchantress" but wished she had more time on stage. She plays an evil role so well, its spooky!
This year they had a new director. Many things were different and one of the fun, positive changes was they had someone come in to do their hair and stage makeup..(I thought of Thuy, Zee!)

There were many kids in this many different characters from many different stories. Kate is signing autographs here which is why she is holding a pen:)
A group shot of the cast. Kate has made some fabulous friends from the 2 plays she has been in at this theatre. She also ushers so she gets to enjoy other plays as well. She is happy to be part of this theatre! The theatre director approached me and said how great she thinks Kate is at acting and she is so mature, friendly and she really appreciates her help. So nice to hear good things about your children when they are outside of the home. (fyi she isnt always mature, friendly and helpful at home;) These plays have been really positive for her.

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