Sunday, March 7, 2010

Random things....

Annie playing dress up...I think she is some sort of warrior goddess....She looked beautiful:)
Her pottery stash....her last class was Saturday so she brought all of her creations home. I hope she wants to take this class again in September...This is incredible artwork! She made a pen holder for Stef and a giraffe for Kate.
This cool mask will get hung up somewhere.

Knowing how much I like gnomes, she made this little guy for me as a surprise. His face isn't painted but the features are carved on his face and I couldn't get the camera to pick them up. He looks right at home on the plants shelf.

I looked after a neighbours dog (Lucky) on Saturday...she is so sweet! Here, her and Chelsea are wanting to share my unhealthy snack of the week..a frozen chocolate pudding cup. I tried to convince them that chocolate is not good for dogs.

The neighbours always give me a little something...usually a food item....chocolates, cheese etc...this time they got me some nuts...I'll be sharing these...FYI there are approx 40 servings in this container...each one being 170 calories, 130 of which are from fat. OMG! are they trying to kill me???? lol


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