Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More Food For Thought

DH experimented with the older apples and oranges. He sliced them thin and placed them in the warming oven of the cook stove. They turned out perfect! The only thing I need to do is get a thermometer to keep tabs on the temp. I'd like to be able to keep it below 115 degrees to maximize nutrients in the food.

DH at it again, he made an incredible curry soup! No need to say a whole lot it tasted as amazing as it looked.

I bought all the ingredients to make homemade Chai tea. We use to make it from scratch years ago. Its cheaper to make your own, and tastier, as you can add and delete spices to your liking. I have a huge pot on the stove that's been there for two days now. I want to eventually experiment with make a syrup for the kids that they can add to soy or almond mylk.

DH was making the kids grilled cheese sandwiches today and i got to thinking... "humm wonder how accessible roasted garlic could be!" Kids won't be impressed because it only went into the oven when things were being baked for long periods of time. Wasteful to just roast garlic! Guess what!!! All you need to do is wrap it with foil, a little olive oil and sea salt and voila! I tossed a cast iron pan over it and left it on the stove top for 20 or so minutes. Next time I'll place the garlic in a pan and cover with another pan, hopefully I won't need the foil. I think Dd might be impressed.

Having said all this and showing all these pictures of cooked food, I'm trying to keep to eating 75% plus RAW. I'm having fun cooking for others.

Whats for dinner?

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Lee said...

I do not have fun cooking for others while eating somewhat differently from them...I want a grilled cheese if I'm making it for the girls! If they are all having salad, I'm fine! The dried fruit is so cool! I saw a cooking show the other day and she was making baked pears and she said she wished she had a cookstove to just throw them in..same for garlic Im sure...the oven is always on!! Too cool!