Thursday, January 28, 2010

I did it!!

This is what I've spent most of the day doing in order to avoid tidying the house...its good to learn new things right?? Zee..look at me!! Zee's help in real life really helped me understand the youtube vids to do this traditional granny square!
4 rounds...I thought I'd stop while I was ahead and not ruin it somehow. I had to use an acrylic/wool mix because I couldn't manage the cotton yarn...I'll try it next though since thats what I want to make the squares to make a blanket...possibly a very small blanket!
This was the delicious breakfast that fueled all that energy practicing crocheting! Plain yogurt, ground flax, walnuts, cherries and a pinch of organic brown sugar that is sort of crunchy and nutty and sweet:)
Ok I did manage to get some house work done too..

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Zee said...

Nice go at the granny square Lee!!!!