Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Local Library

Hey..Lee here:)
We decided to rediscover our local library...its free and 15 minutes away..they can request books from other libraries so you really aren't limited to the books they have there. We hadn't been in years! It has changed sooo much..its bright and cheerful and honestly, I challenge Belleville, and Trenton's library to have a better children's section. (with a very involved children's librarian) Home Depot apparently went in last year and built all new beautiful. The librarians were so fabulous!! They totally showed us around, gave us a refresher course in locating books. We went downstairs to meet the children's librarian who is new and she was talking to a reporter. Annie and I were the only ones there so he took a picture of Annie and the librarian for the local paper. He had heard me mention homeschooling (because no other kids were there on a school day) and said he had homeschooled as well..we had a great conversation! Kate had a great time too..they seem to have a decent youth section and they have highspeed internet...Kate was so happy to go on facebook. They have nice seating at their big windows. They have lots of programs going on like mittens being donated, childrens art auction and a little gallery too where they have book clubs and a knitting group that meets in the fall a couple of times. I plan on supporting this library..buying a book bag ,and on occasion, donating a book or movie. We look forward to going every week!

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Zee said...

Love the Library! I'm glad you redicovered this one. Sounds like the perfect library, and place to hang with the kids.