Monday, October 20, 2008

In the Round

Here's my obsession, or dream... dream is more accurate. Ten acres + surrounded by trees. A Mandala Home with a guest yurt just a jaunt away. I'm going to teach myself cobb building starting with art sculptures and then a shed possibly something grander!

Since I'm dreaming I'm going for The Madrone oops PINCH, ok the Juniper or Magnolia is perfect with a basement. Now don’t forget solar power, passive solar, grey water, wind turbine etc.. etc.. etc..

There was an article in our local newpaper recently about a local couple and their four young children who have decided to put up Yurts and live on their 20 hectar lot in South Frontenac.

"Deep in the woods on a back country road north of Kingston, a local family is proving less is more.

Former owners of a custom-built hobby farm in Battersea, Jeremy and Vanessa Neven packed up their four young daughters earlier this summer and left their ideal Canadian lifestyle for something so unconventional it is quickly becoming a tourist attraction.

The Nevens have built a yurt - a fabric-covered, wood-framed dwelling that originated in Mongolia.

The yurt is a nomadic structure designed to be dismantled, transported by people or animals and rebuilt on another site. The structure is slowly becoming popular in North America due to its environmentally and fiscally responsible characteristics.
The yurt's design is simple and has changed very little in the last few hundred years.

The changes that have occurred are with the physical materials used, such as the exterior sheathing, which is now a polyester fabric.
Speaking from their 20 hectares in South Frontenac Township, where the two yurts are under construction, Vanessa Neven, a 34-year-old mother of four, says the family was looking for something different."

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Kathee said...

I LOVE the look of the Mandala homes! I could totally see you doing that Grace!!