Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey there...Kathee here again...this time a much shorter blog. I just wanted to share a fun project that I am doing with my three sisters. It's called an Altered Book. There are many versions of it, but we are actually each doing a book of our own and then rotating the books amongst each other. So at the end of a year (we started last March) we will each get our own books back and each of our sisters will have contributed their ideas/thoughts/pictures etc. So cool! I am so looking forward to getting my book back! There are lots of sites out there about Altered Books, but to narrow it down, here is a link of one woman's site...she has done 18 books! She shows you pictures of the pages and tells you how she did it and what she learned from them. I haven't done anything that elaborate, but have a bunch of ideas now and have started a notebook of things I want to try in my next altered book. The hardest part is actually drawing, glueing or cutting into the book...I LOVE books and it seems so wrong to do that to a book, but then, a lot of these old books would just sit on a shelf or in a box or end up at the dump. Here they start a new life! Check it'll never look at old books the same again!
My favourite ones are: 'A Cup of Sky' and 'Dreams and Delights'

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