Friday, October 3, 2008

My dog

Lee's in the house...

I think I made some leeway with my dog Chelsea. Years and years ago she would pull as we walked her and it took a few months to break her of that...we would walk her but pull her collar back a bit everytime she pulled, and eventually she stopped pulling and would just walk. If a person or another dog comes out of no where, she still pulls but if we anticipate it, we can get her to stay and not pull. Even though she is good on the leash, she still walks in front..weaving in and out infront of my feet which is really a pain if I jog. After watching the TV show "The Dog Whisperer" I wanted Chelsea to walk beside me...more control and out of my way and I would be taking her for a walk versus her being in front, leading the way. So today I decided to try the same method we used for her pulling, but with her walking at the side....she stayed beside me! I did have to correct her numerous times when she would get ahead of me but she really did it well! I will walk her the next few days until she gets it more and then teach the kids to walk her in this new way. You can really teach a old dog new tricks!!

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