Saturday, November 27, 2010


Finally, I'm taking Silversmithing classes.  Even though it'ssilver I'm currently working with, really it's Goldsmithing I'm doing. I do intend on making some flatwear in the new year, and create other Hollowware, maybe a baby cup (silver is not so cheap, I can't afford to make a tea set yet). I've been sawing, filing, soldering, polishing and designing, what a great time suck this has been.

Tag for DH

My Ring Collection.            

Pieces of a soon to be pendant.

What it might look like.

I guess I'm also becoming a Bench Jeweler as I'm working on Lapidary skills, wax casting, lost wax casting and stone setting.  It's hard not to get lost in the stones/rocks.  I was such a  rock hound as a child, I even mounted my specimens lol,  I could cut and polish stones all day.  Silversmiting is giving me something to do with them after I'm done.  Faceting is something I'm going to give a try in the new year along with Chain Maille. 

Cabochon in the works
My first stone in silver setting.
Cabs I made, Thai made the wee black one and Minh made the round green one.

 Now how about some Blacksmithing!



Lee said...

That is sooo impressive Zee!! I hadn't seen your finished projects!! That "red haired girl" pendant is amazing!! I can't imagine cutting and filing those dog tags!! WOW

kathee said...

Wow Zee! Those pieces are beautiful....I love crafts that let you get lost in them and 'suck time''s so relaxing! good job! when do we get a tutorial??