Thursday, November 11, 2010

Woot Woot! Zee here.....

Wow time is just.. well gone by so quickly. 

I've been busy, no more than usual, just competing for time at the computer these days.  Having teens in the house, online school....  It's no longer first come first using the computer, it's all about priority first, which makes me last to log

Christmas is just around the corner,  Bodhi Day even sooner.  The house is getting revved up for down time, oxy right?  My High School attending kids are looking forward to hanging out and having to go no where slowly.  I agree, winter is my time to sit back and just be.  Meditating, hanging out and getting jobs done seems to be much easier, I'm defiantly more productive during the winter months.  I'm looking forward to getting together with family and friends, catching up and making even more memories.

I've been busy baking bread every day. I really, really, really missed my Kitchen Aid mixer {{big hugs}} I don't "LOVE" my mixer, that would be wrong on many levels, but I do like it a lot ;)  I can't wait to get a hold of Andrea's Organic Spelt flower.  I'm going to get started on our ginger bread house soon, a grand homestead this will be!  We are also going to do a ginger bread house for a charity fund raiser at DH's workplace.  You buy the kit, make the house.. they will be displayed in the hotel lobby, then auctioned off with proceeds going to our local Food Bank :)

I'm going to log off for now, be back in a bit with an update on my rock and silver stash.   Oh yeah, maybe the beginners spinning class in the new year :)  And.. of course pottery ;)


Lee said...

Yeah Zee's in the house!!

kathee said...

Hey ZEE!!so great to see you on the blog! My that is a lovely young woman you have there...I have always marvelled at that beautiful smile of hers! we should plan a christmas get together with Lee!!!