Saturday, March 7, 2009

mud pies

It's me, Lee....What a great day today. It was overcast and started raining once we went inside but it was so nice to go out and play in the mud. Annie made some delicious sloppy joes (lol) and mud sandwiches with rock and sand "toppings" and bark for the bread. She also made a river in the muddy tire ruts in the driveway and damned it up. It really would have been convenient to have the water hooked up outside but its still to early for that. Before playing outside, we had dropped Kate off at rehearsal and went for a walk in town. I have really thought lately about how thankful I am to be home with my girls. We do live pay check to pay check and that really sucks but there is really no where I'd rather be and nothing Id rather be doing. What could I possibly be doing more important than being there for my children. I know they are growing up but there are lots of times when any one of them will seek me out and talk with me about something important or pressing to them. Im glad Im there for them at that moment when they need me.

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Zee said...

Being home with kids is amazing. I'm very grateful for the chance to raise them and see them through all the stages of childhood.

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