Thursday, March 26, 2009

From Seed to Table

From Seed to Table. A Practical Guide to Eating and Growing Green by Janette Haase
Lee here... I saw this book at the library and brought it home. I think this is a nice general gardening book and I even love the weight and feel of it. Not as many photos as I usually like but it feels down to earth. This lady lives in Ontario so I appreciate that it is "local". This book is set up with chapters that go month by month, suggesting what can be done each month, what foods are available and what to do with them. It talks about seed starting to cold storage and nothing is too overwhelming. Every chapter has recipes and a little activism blurb called "Food for Thought" with topics ranging from school yard garden programs to eating local to gmo's. I would like to have it on my gardening book shelf!

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