Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hotay in the garden!

Lee in the house:) Not a very good picture but here is Hotay....a statue in my garden, given to me by Kerri a few years ago. You can't tell, but his eyes are closed and he looks completely peaceful burried up to his neck in snow. Sometimes he is uncovered when the snow melts down a bit and other times he is completely drifted in....but he just goes with the flow:) Annie's Christmas money was begging to be spent and the gift from T and M put her up over the $100 here is her investment..she put it together by herself. A great way to spend a day inside!


kathee said...

Aidan is totally jealous of your pirate ship Annie! What a great job you did!

kathee said...

Lee, I LOVE your garden statue! I have only a few things like that in my gardens, but my sister gave me some 'garden money' for my birthday, so I am looking forward to finding just the right character!